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About ARCHIBUS Romania

Founded in 2007, ARCHIBUS Solution Center-Romania leads the Integrated Workspace Management System market in Romania. Currently, the company is responsible for ARCHIBUS Business Development and Support for Romania and the entire region, comprising: TURKEY, BULGARIA, SERBIA, CROATIA, AUSTRIA, HUNGARY, MOLDAVIA, SLOVENIA, MACEDONIA, KOSOVO, BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA, GREECE. If you manage real-estate projects, properties, commercial centers or you are responsible with Corporate Space Planning, Facility Management, Maintenance of building and equipments or Sustainability and Risk Management, ARCHIBUS Solution Center-Romania can provide you with an effective tool to reach your strategic objectives.

Our vision

To be a regional pole of competence, representing ARCHIBUS, the #1 Solution for Real Estate, Infrastructure and Facilities Management in the world, in order to contribute to the success of our clients, from the triple bottom line perspective: people, planet, profit.


Involvement in Romanian Property and Facility Professional Networks

ARCHIBUS Solution Center-Romania is a prominent member of Romanian Facility and Property community, currently holding the Vice-Presidency of ROFMA (Romanian Facility Management Association), past VP of ROGBC (Romanian Green Building Council) and member of ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers).

About ARCHIBUS International

ARCHIBUS facilities and real estate management software has been the industry standard for over 30 years

ARCHIBUS is the #1 provider of real estate, infrastructure and facilities management solutions in the world, with expenditures for ARCHIBUS-related products and services exceeding $2.2 billion (US).

Organizations of all sizes – spanning sectors such as finance, education, healthcare, government, manufacturing and many others – use ARCHIBUS to deliver timely, relevant facilities and infrastructure information as part of their strategic business plans.

With ARCHIBUS, organizations can use a single, comprehensive, integrated solution to make informed strategic decisions that optimize return-on-investment, lower asset life-cycle costs, and increase enterprise-wide productivity – reducing their infrastructure and facilities related costs by as much as 34%.

  1. More than 7,000,000 ARCHIBUS users around the globe manage over 1,000,000 buildings and properties and collectively save over $100 billion each year for their organizations
  2. Available in over 190 countries and more than 30 languages
  3. Deployments are supported through a global network of over 1,700 ARCHIBUS Solution Centers and Business Partners, who include value-added resellers, application specialists, and consultants
  4. Delivers sales support, training, and software development through both corporate offices and ARCHIBUS Federated Ecosystem include:

  1. ASC - Australia
  2. ASC - Beijing
  3. ASC - Chengdu
  4. ASC - China
  5. ASC - Germany - Saarbrüken
  6. ASC - Hosting Services
  7. ASC - India
  8. ASC - Indonesia
  9. ASC - Korea
  10. ASC - Kuala Lumpur
  11. ASC - Philippines
  12. ASC - Research Triangle
  13. ASC - Romania
  14. ASC - Saudi Arabia
  15. ASC - Singapore
  16. ASC - South Africa
  17. ASC - Spain
  18. ASC - Taiwan
  19. ASC - Ubiquitous Business Transformations
  20. ASC - Vietnam

Distribution Channels

ARCHIBUS, Inc. develops, sells and supports its products through a global network of headquarters staff, value-added resellers, trained application specialists, and consultants.

ARCHIBUS Solution-Center Romania has already established valuable business partnerships in the following countries:


  • **ESRI Bulgaria **– “ESRI Bulgaria Ltd. has a proven expertise in delivering high-quality IT solutions, technology and services to its clients …


  • ARCTIS d.o.o. – “A team of civil engineering and architectural professionals has proven their expertise in several successful projects in this field of business… we provide facility management services, and offer ARCHIBUS as our software solution - a complete tool for infrastructure and asset management.
  • ZELJKO d.o.o – “Offer a wide range of high quality products and services for different areas: GIS, CAFM, CAD, CAD management, GPS navigation, Fleet management, infrastructure management


  • NetLife d.o.o.Offer a complete range of ARCHIBUS solutions and related services.


  • Innova – “Deriving its strength from its work ethic and a team of experienced and successful IT engineers, Innova believes that the every good service it provides will come back in the form of success. Innova determines its priorities by taking the interests of its customers into consideration.
Contact us
  1. Phone:+40 21 3118840
    +40 744 421 567
    +40 755 157 811
  3. Str. Stefan Marinescu Nr. 9, Sector 6
    Bucuresti Romania

"We have been able to save $35,000 a year simply by eliminating a number of time-consuming administrative tasks."

Adam Brockhurst
Facilities Info. Coordinator
Suncorp Metway Ltd. (AU)