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Energy Assessment Services

ARCHIBUS provides services of building energy performance certification and energy auditing. We can help you both in terms of the effect of thermal bridge calculation for any building envelope detail and to evaluate the thermal efficiency of the whole frame – window assembly. We perform measurements for estimating the thermal comfort of buildings occupants.

  1. Building Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), Energy Audits and Consulting

    ARCHIBUS Solution Center - Romania provides services of building energy performance certification, energy auditing and consulting, related to energy efficiency in buildings ...

  2. Portfolio

    Over 550 certificates, performed for buildings and apartments, for dwellings, commercial and industrial buildings ...

  3. Thermal Bridge Calculation

    Thermal bridge is an area of a building, which has a significantly higher heat transfer than the surrounding materials (where a heat transmission is added to the 1D flux approximation usually computed) ...

  4. Windows Thermal Efficiency Calculation

    In developed countries (and hopefully soon in Romania, too) windows energy performance is certified by a national authority in the field ...

  5. Thermal Comfort Assessment

    ARCHIBUS Solution Center - Romania provides services of thermal comfort assessment ...

  6. News

    2010 Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive represent EU's main legislation when it comes to reducing the energy consumption of buildings ...

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