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Facilities and Real Estate Management Help The Way You Want It: ARCHIBUS Romania Technical Support Options

Make sure you're getting the most out of your ARCHIBUS solution by taking advantage of the comprehensive technical support available from ARCHIBUS Romania, your local ARCHIBUS trained specialist. Two technical support options available directly from ARCHIBUS Romania allow you to choose the most appropriate program for your organization's needs:

  1. Unlimited Plan: Provides organizations with an unlimited number of technical support incidents throughout the year.
  2. Limited Plan: Allows participants to elect a fixed number of pre-paid technical support incidents over the course of a year.

Whichever plan you choose, authorized individuals in your organization communicate with technical support staff via the ARCHIBUS Web site, telephone, e-mail, or other mechanisms. ARCHIBUS Romania offers support hours during normal business hours. ARCHIBUS Romania, as your local trained specialist, may also offer additional technical support in your native language and/or time zone.

In addition to on-demand technical support, your organization gains access to the on-line ARCHIBUS Technical Support database of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), which includes pro-active notifications of additions to the proprietary ARCHIBUS KnowledgeBase.

To purchase a support contract, contact ARCHIBUS Romania at or call +40 21 3118839, +40 21 3118840, +40 744 421 567, +40 755 157 811.

If you already have a Technical Support Agreement you can access the Support Section.

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"By consolidating scattered operations, we expect significant savings in energy costs, space needs, and staff time. Over a 15-year time frame, we project $44 million in lease savings."

Joe Waters
Director of Facilities Management
Johnson County, KS